Dress code

General Questions

Our dress code can be found here on our Rules page under “Dress Code”.

Does the club have a listing of babysitters?

General Questions

Yes, the 2018 list of babysitters can be downloaded here.

How do I find my minimum?

General Questions

All minimums for club dues are located on the bylaws page.

How do I add the app to my phone / tablet?

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Answer: Click on either the Android or iPhone instructions below:


Android Instructions

iPhone Instructions

How do I quickly get back to the Home Page?

General Questions

Answer: Simply click on the Birmingham Country Club logo and you will return to the home page.

Once I leave the site, I can’t get back to the page I was on, without logging in again. How can I avoid that?

General Questions

Answer: On the login page, under the username and password, there is a checkbox that says “Remember Me”. Click on that and you will stay logged in for 30 days. Make sure when you leave the site you do not log out. Simply close the browser. This timer resets everytime you visit the site.