Our pro shop offers the best in golf clothing and equipment for men, women and juniors. From apparel and footwear to clubs and accessories, we’ll help you improve your golf swing and golf swag. We carry top brands such as TaylorMade, Calloway, Cleveland, Ping, Under Armour, Adidas, Titleist and more. And because our club participates in the Mill River discount program, you’ll get great prices too. Stop by for a club fitting or repair, new grips, merchandise or a tip from one of our pros. We’re here to serve you.

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If you’ve not had your clubs fit, you’re likely not playing clubs appropriate to your game. That’s where Birmingham Country Club’s team of golf professionals comes in. We offer a comprehensive club fitting and service to cover all of your equipment needs. Custom-fit golf clubs will make a big difference in your game no matter your skill level.
Our team has the ability to fit you for the top brands in the game—such as Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade and Ping. We also use the latest swing monitor technology in TrackMan 4, which uses a dual radar system that precisely tracks the flight of the golf ball and provides data such as launch conditions, spin rates, ball speeds, smash factors, and much more to help in dialing in the perfect club for every golfer.

Lastly, Pavle Cote, our expert club-fitter and Director of Instruction integrates his teaching skills and expertise to make certain that the clubs are perfect for the player’s swing. Having an experienced and educated teacher enhances the fitting experience and offers the player a first-class experience.

Don’t forget the scoring clubs

Wedge fitting and gapping should also be considered when optimizing your set of clubs. There are so many options of lofts and bounces these days that it often becomes very confusing to understand what’s right for your game and the conditions you play in.

By today’s standards, most pitching wedges are around 45 degrees of loft, give or take one degree. As golf pros, we notice that many club members have too large of gaps between wedges, and go right to a sand wedge of 54 to 56 degrees, leaving a gap of 9 degrees between clubs. Ideally, you want to try and carry 3 to 4 wedges, as is the case with most professional tour players, leaving a gap of either 4 or 5 degrees between clubs. These options will all be discussed with your fitter. The amount of bounce on each club needs to vary as well depending upon your swing shape and your talent level.

Make more putts

Most golfers underestimate the value and need of a properly fitted putter. Most putters are 35 inches long not because that’s the length that suits golfers, but because that meant they’d stick out of the standard golf bag.

However, because golfers come in all heights with different arm lengths, it is ridiculous to think that one size fits all. The putter is also the most used club in your bag and using the appropriate flatstick will shave more strokes off your game than any other club. For that reason, you owe it to your game to get properly fit. For standard style putters, the biggest three variables for putter fitting are the length, swing weight and balance characteristics of the putter head. Grip size and putter head shape are somewhat individual preferences.

Our fitting process usually takes approximately 1 hour in length and the fitting fee is $100.

To book a fitting today, please visit the member’s website on ForeTees to schedule the fitting online with the golf professional of your choice. You can also call the golf shop to schedule the club fittings.


We are always here for your convenience. Feel free to contact us.