What requirements must be met to become a caddie?
To become a caddie at Birmingham Country Club, you must:

  • Be at least 14 years old
  • Have a work permit if you are under 18 years old
  • Be physically capable of carrying a golf bag for 18 holes
  • Register for and attend a caddie training school
  • Pass both the on-course and written tests
  • Be able to caddie at least 20 days a season
  • Be professional both in appearance and attitude
  • Work well with others

Where is Birmingham Country Club?
Birmingham Country Club is located at 1750 Saxon Drive, Birmingham, MI 48009.

Do I need to know how to play golf to become a caddie?
No, but it is extremely helpful if you do.

When are the training sessions held?
Please see New Caddie Registration for dates and times.

Does everyone who signs up become a caddie?
Everyone who attends all training classes, passes both the written and on-course test, and has a willingness to learn will become a caddie.

When does caddying start?
The golf season is typically April–October. Caddie opportunities are available on the weekends during the school year and Tuesday–Sunday in the summer months.

How are loops/bags assigned?
Please go to www.caddie.foretees.com/bhamcc. Your username and password are as follows:


Name: John Smith

Username: jsmith & year hired (Jsmith15)

Password: jsmith15

This will be available after you have passed the training course.

Once you are logged onto the website, you may check the days you are available for the next two weeks. Loop assignments will be done for the following weekend on Friday and for the following week on Sunday. You will receive an email, text or both confirming your loop assignment and will be able to view your schedule on your home page. Please make sure all of your contact information is accurate.

You must be at Birmingham Country Club 45 minutes prior to your assigned time. If you have a conflict with your assigned time, please call 248-220-5166 and we will try to reassign your loop. Repeated no-shows or failure to notify the First Tee of your absence will result in dismissal from our caddie program.

Are loops ever pre-assigned?
Yes. Please see the above procedures for weekday and weekend loop assignments.

Are all caddies the same rank?
No, there are four caddie ranks: Green (beginner), Regular, Captain and Honor (Expert). Caddies are promoted to the next rank by ability, course knowledge and performance.

How do caddies get paid?
Each caddie is paid by the round/loop by the member they caddied for. Caddies’ paychecks will be mailed to the address listed on Foretees once a week.

Attention caddies:
All caddies under the age of 18 are required to have a work permit. All work permits must be received before caddying. If you do not turn in a work permit, you will not be eligible to caddie at Birmingham Country Club.

What is the procedure to obtain a work permit?

  • You can obtain a “Combined Offer of Employment” and “Work Permit/Age Certificate” from your school office.
  • Bring the form to Birmingham Country Club and submit once “Applicant” section is completed.
  • I will complete “Employer” section and return the form to you.
  • You must take the form to your school office and have the “School’s Issuing Officer” section completed.
  • Once the school’s “Issuing Officer” section is completed, bring the work permit into our office.